2015 Rally: Rider Aid


One of the great things about attending a COG rally is the support that you will receive should anything unexpected happen. Nothing can ruin a good time like a mechanical failure, an illness or an injury. The impact is softened somewhat by having the support of other COG members to help you figure out what to do.

An important step in avoiding a problem at the rally is good ole fashion ‘preventive maintenance’ on your bike. MSF has an excellent check list T-CLOCS Checklist that we would all be well advised to use in preparation for heading out to any COG rally. T-CLOCS stands for ‘Tires/Wheels, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis and Stands. Check and service your bike in preparation for the trip will greatly reduce the risk of a mechanical failure ruining your rally experience.

I would add to that checklist to have the basic tools to do minor roadside repairs including fixing a flat tire. And, if the bike should become seriously disabled, it would be convenient for you to have ‘roadside assistance’ coverage on your insurance or, for example, from AMA www.americanmotorcyclist.com/membership/amaroadsideassistance .
However, despite the best preparation, ‘stuff can happen’. If ‘stuff happens’ and you need ‘a little help from your friends’, we’ll be there for you.

We would like to have volunteers that we could schedule to be ‘on call’ in the event of an emergency. The schedule would allow the responsibility to be spread around so that those who volunteer can also enjoy the rally and rides. If you are willing to volunteer for ‘on call’ Rider Aid, please contact me.

Mark Hartman, Rider Aid Coordinator