2015 National Rally


ATTENTION: Both the Rally Central and Rally Overflow hotels are fully booked! Contact Mark at 2015nationalrally@cox.net for recommendations on alternate lodging choices if you need some ideas. Mark has been to Cortez before and has stayed in several of the local hotels.

Find the latest Colorado road conditions and closures at the COTrip web site.

COG National Rally 2015

Hello COG, Friends, Family,

Mark Hartman your ever grateful South West Area Director and Rally Meister for the 2015 COG National Rally “Concours in the Corners” in Cortez Colorado.

I hope you find this website informative and helpful as you plan your trip to Cortez and some of the finest roads in the United States. As you peruse this website you will be introduced to YOUR Rally Team (Yes YOUR Team). These volunteers are hard core dedicated to your enjoyment of this Event.

Routes that will swell your heart with adrenaline, make your eyes bleed with the Beauty and pulse race with the curves and elevation changes. From 150 to 500 miles several suggested routes will be published with GPS file downloads and PDF maps available.

Area attractions that will take you back to the 15th Century Anasazi Native culture to the Mining and Railroad era that expanded across America ushering in the Industrial age. From the Tranquility of New Mexico, The silent solitude of Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon in Arizona, The stunning Red Rock formations of Utah and of course the epic Passes and Forests of Colorado. All of this while surrounded by State and National parks. Bring a back up camera. You may burn the first one up!

Events to entertain and enlighten are being planned so as not to interfere with your riding and exploring day. We are planning several parking lot events and discussions. Following the lead of the 2013 Rally in Idaho most events will be planned outside. The weather should be perfect. Group events currently under construction are a group trip to ride the narrow gauge rail from Durango to Silverton and of course the now well established river rafting trip.

Support Your Team will have a bike assist area fully stocked with tools, manuals and knowledge. This is for assistance, not “Show up and expect someone to do my oil change” We can provide tools and tech help but YOU must turn the wrench and accept responsibility. Bike wash will also be available and we are working with No Mar to follow up on the spectacular support they provided at the 2014 National. We will also have local dealer support.

Local Eats and Entertainment. The City of Cortez is welcoming our group with open arms and will be participating in recommendations for local eateries, entertainment and shopping. From a great cup of coffee to the best omelet in town to the local Walmart. The information will be at your fingertips.

In my short history with COG it seems that every National has a secondary theme. This year we will focus on FNG’s (First National Group) and the 2 up community. Yes, we are changing the vernacular. There will no longer be a newbie group. We will now refer to all 1st National Rally attendees as FNG’s (Those with a Military background will remember this term with a smile). We were all there once right?

FNG’s: This is a VERY IMPORTANT group for the future of COG. YOUR Hospitality Team is committed to making this Rally as effortless and fun filled as possible for the First National Group.They will be available day and night to answer any question you may have and direct you in the proper direction. We will have several veteran riders to join suggested routes and offer advice. We are planning an FNG social on Monday night in conjunction with Meet Your AD’s and several posting’s in rally central to join in rides and events. Our goal is to prove the Saying “Join for the Bike, Stay for the People”. More helpful FNG info can be found here.

2 Up Riders: We are trying an event this year called the 2 up challenge. It is not a skills or speed challenge. It will be a combination of Geo caching, bull run, poker run. There will be no skills tests or trials. A very enjoyable loop with stops to gather answers to questions and mileage resets. You will need to be on your toes and rider and pillion will need to work as a team to succeed. All for fun. 2-Up Challenge Outline is here.

If there is something you would like to see or do at YOUR National rally please contact your Area Director or Assistant Area Director and they can pass it on. You can also contact me directly at 2015nationalrally@cox.net or SWAD@cog-online.org

This event is planned for you folks. This is YOUR Rally and YOUR team. This event is being planned for YOU the Member’s of COG. As a travel destination to enjoy America and reconnect with members from across the Nation.

Any and all suggestions or recommendations are welcome and appreciated.

C U in Cortez.

Let’s Dance Mark Hartman

COG/SWAD (Current)

2015 Rally Meister

Watch the Rally promotional video on Vimeo.

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to Mark Hartman and the Rally Team for putting this all together.

 Rally Questions: 2015nationalrally@cox.net