2015 Rally: 2-Up Challenge


2015 COG National Rally 2-Up Challenge Outline

Meet at hospitality area geared up with bike for rider/pillion brief and 1st leg handout at 9:15 AM sharp.

  1. Parking lot event prior to departure. (2279 Hawkins St. Cortez Co)
  2. Mileage set to zero. 1st leg Central to Fun Center cycle in Durango. (29603 US 160 Durango, CO. 81301 ) Record mileage, receive next leg instructions and pick a playing card. Reset to zero.
  3. Leg 2. From Fun Center cycle Durango to True Grit Café (123 N. Lana St. Ridgway CO ). Receive 3rd leg instructions, Mileage reset. Grab some lunch.
  4. Leg 3 from True Grit Café to Fun Center Cycle (18390 HWY 145 Delores CO ) Mileage reset. Pull another playing card.
  5. Return to Central. Pull last playing card if wanted. Turn in Leg sheets. Final parking lot event.

We will be playing 21 (blackjack) with a 3 deck shoe. All at or below 21 without going over gets those points. Decide to pull a 3rd card and bust no points for you. No splits.


  1. Fastest in Parking lot game 1 gets max points (If 40 teams, 40 points, 2nd 39, 3rd 38 etc.).
  2. Complete each leg and answer all questions correctly get mileage points for the entire leg. Complete each leg and miss answers lose mileage for that section of that leg.
  3. Fastest in parking lot game 2 gets points as described above.
  4. Points awarded for blackjack game as described above.

In the event of a tie we will have a ROK, paper, scissor showdown throwdown.