2013 Rally Pricing

We have chosen to change the pricing for the 2013 NationAL Rally, Here’s why:

  • We believe that members who have committed to becoming a member and paid their membership fee, are entitled to a discounted rate, over the standard $85 public/non-member rate. Remember some of the costs for running the National are covered by COG.
  • We are looking to encourage members to bring their spouses and significant others to our event if they so wish. If a spouse/SO or close family member attends one or more of our rallies, we believe they are best to attend as a full COG member.
  • The difference between COG’s single membership fee and member plus associate is only $5 what great value! So if you want your spouse/significant other to get the member discount, consider switching your membership plan when you renew.
  • The COG Board of Directors agreed on August 15, 2012 to allow members to switch their membership plan to “Member Plus Associate” for their current term free of charge before their renewal date, when registering for the National.
  • COG is not looking to make a profit on this event we aim to break even.  Any additional funds brought in over our budget will go towards additional activities/prizes etc.

How to Add and Associate to your Membership.

This can be done in 2 ways:
A) Renew your membership early and chose to renew under the Member plus Associate Plan, then add your associate to your COGMOS account as detailed below.
B)  Add your associate to your COGMOS account, as detailed below, and our Membership officer will switch your account to member plus associate for the remainder of your membership term.
Steps to add an Associate to your COGMOS account:
  • Login to Cogmos
  • Navigate to My Info
  • View – My Affiliates
  • Click Add Affiliate
    Make sure you fill out all the fields with a red “required” star.
    This includes a valid email address if they don’t have one, enter your own that way you get their notifications etc.
    Make sure you select Member Managed by: to Member
  • Make sure you select Save.
  • Now when you register for an event your Associate’s name will automatically appear in your registration if you select 2 members for an event.
Note: If you and your Associate Member are attending with additional immediate family members you may bring the additional members at the discounted member rate.