2011 Rally Riding

The rally host location in southern Vermont offers access to great riding in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York.  Extended distance ride could take you to Rhode Island, Connecticut, and into Canada. You can find incredible mountain top vistas, or wonderful ocean views.

There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the region and it many sights and attractions on your own. Because there is so much to see and do, it is suggested to do some advance research and planning. Check out our Attractions web page for web links to tourist destination ideas and other points of interest.

Here is a list of reading material to help learn more about touring Vermont and the vicinity. If you find others, please let us know.

  • Motorcycle Journeys Through New England, by Marty Berke
  • Great American Motorcycle Tours, by Gary McKechnie
  • Vermont Off The Beaten Path
  • New York Off The Beaten Path
  • New Hampshire Off The Beaten Path
  • Massachusetts Off The Beaten Path
  • Connecticut Off The Beaten Path

In addition, there are a few other web pages that offer ride suggestions:

Motorcycle Rentals

For those of you that may not have the time to ride all the way to Vermont. Here is some info for a motorcycle rentals.

Moto Vermont is a motorcycle rental operation that has a good selection of new Kawasaki and BMW bikes for rent. They are located in South Burlington, Vermonty 3 hours from Rally HQ and located next to Burlington International Airport for easy fly and ride rentals. For COG National Rally attendees they are extending a 10% discount to rallygoers for a one day rental and a 15% discount on rentals for 2+ days. Check them out on the web at: www.motovermont.com

COGger Ted Adcock found some other options.  When talking with these folks,  mention COG and Ted’s name…

  • Motorcycles of Manchester (located in NH)   877 736-8431.  Ask for Bike Rental/Anthony.
  • Cross bay Honda (Located in New York near JFK)  718 738-7618.  Ask for Bike Rental/Jack.
  • Ted says you can also contact bike-rental.net or eaglerider.com to look for other locations that rent bikes. Both of these are located oversea’s. (bike-rental is in New Zealand) but was VERY helpful in my search.

Sample Rally Ride Routes

The  rally sample ride routes have been archived in the member library.