2020 National Rally Rides & Routes

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Rally Rides & Routes

There is an astounding amount of good riding roads and beautiful scenery within a single day of riding around COG Rally Central in Vancouver WA.

Download a Zip file that contains .gpx files for all routes listed below: GPX ZIP FILE

GPX File
Apiary Road Loop
approx: 137 miles

This ride takes you north in Washington to the city of Longview, where you cross the Columbia River and enter Oregon. You quickly find yourself on some very enjoyable two-lane blacktop roads with little traffic and lots of curves. It emerges onto U.S. 26, which brings you back to the Portland area. 137 miles

GPX File
Astoria Loop
approx: 207 miles

Like the Apiary Loop, this ride begins with a ride north to Longview. After crossing the Columbia River and entering Oregon, you head west on U.S. 30 into Astoria. This route will take you to the Astoria Column, where it is a challenge to properly guess which way you should throw a balsa wood glider from the top of the column. From Astoria you once again cross the Columbia River into Washington, but this time the bridge is several miles long. You ride along quiet two-lane highways on the north side of the river back to the Heathman via Longview. 207 miles

GPX File
Central Oregon Coast return from Newport
approx: 310 miles

This ride highlights portions of the central coast of Oregon. You begin by crossing the Columbia River in Portland and heading south to U.S. 26, which will take you west to Oregon state hwy 6. This road will take you through the mountains to U.S. 101, where you turn south and ride to and down the coast to Newport. From there you ride east on U.S. 20 to Corvallis, where you go north on Oregon 99W to McMinnville, where you turn left onto Oregon 47 and go north to Forest Grove. Head east on Oregon 8 to Beaverton, and pick up U.S. 36 eastbound back to Portland/Vancouver and the Heathman Lodge. 310 miles

GPX File
Central Oregon Coast more…
approx: 386 miles

Begins the same as the Central Oregon Coast ride the returns via Newport, but this rides goes further down the coast to Florence, where you head east on Oregon 126 to Mapleton, where you split off north-northwest on Oregon 36. This will take you along the river and through the woods to Junction City, where you turn north on Oregon 99 and return to Portland/Vancouver and the Heathman. 386 miles

GPX File
Klickitat Route with Cook-Underwood and Secret Road side track
approx: 228 miles

This ride highlights some higher elevation views of the Columbia River Gorge as well as some stellar canyon roads. Head east on Washington 14 to Cook-Underwood Road, where you detour up and around a small canyon before coming back down to 14 and continuing east. Turn left onto Old Hwy 8 and the right onto Canyon Road. Follow that until you turn right on Klickitat-Appleton Road, which takes you down to Washington 142. Turn left to go up the canyon. When you come out on top, continue on to Glenwood Hwy, where you turn left. This is where you need to ride the speed limit and watch for the county sheriff parked somewhere between the intersection and where the curves start again. Continue on through the canyon and into the town of Glenwood, where the Glenwood Station makes a nice place to stop for lunch. From there go south on B Z Glenwood Hwy, to B Z Corner, where you continue south by turning left on Washington 141. This will take you back down to Washington 14, where you head west back to the Heathman. 228 miles

GPX File
Lava Ride through Sisters
approx: 495 miles

This is a longer ride through central Oregon, highlighting the lava beds west of Sisters. Oregon 242 might not be open due to snow. Plan accordingly. The ride begins by going around the east side of Mt. Hood and south the the junction of U.S. 20 and Oregon 126, where you go south to Oregon 242. This road takes you up and over McKenzie Pass and to the Dee Wright Observatory in the lava beds. Continue on into Sisters, where you west on U.S. 20 back to Oregon 22 but when you get to Detroit continue west on 22 to I-5 north, which will return you to Portland/Vancouver and the Heathman. 495 miles

GPX File
Lava Ride through Sisters, no I-5 return
approx: 492 miles

Same as the Lave Ride, but when you return to Detroit you go back the way you came on those twisty mountain roads. 492 miles, but at least 1/2 hour longer.

GPX File
Mt. Hood Loop
approx: 166 miles

This ride begins with a trip along the north side of the Columbia River, and when you get to White Salmon you cross the bridge into Oregon and head south on Oregon 35 to the intersection of U.S. 26. Head west and then northwest back to Portland/Vancouver and the Heathman. 166 miles

GPX File
North Oregon Coast Short Loop
approx: 198 miles

Like the Astoria Loop and a few other rides, this one starts by going north to Longview and then crossing the Columbia River to get to U.S. 30 where you go west to Astoria and beyond. Once through Astoria, U.S. 101 turns south and offers peeks at the ocean every now and again. If time or miles are limited you can take the short loop by turning east on U.S. 26 a few miles south of Seaside to return to the Portland/Vancouver area. 198 miles

GPX File
North Oregon Coast Long Loop
approx: 240 miles

The first half of this ride is the North Oregon Coast Short Loop, but after going south through Seaside you continue south on 101. Cannon Beach is a tourist trap with a really nice beach, so there are several reasons to stop and walk around. Or not. South of Cannon Beach the highway gets down right next to the beaches, and when the sun is shining it is some of the most beautiful coast line in North America. Continue south until you get to Tillamook, where you really should stop at the Tillamook Creamery to sample fresh cheese curds, and where Oregon Hwy 6 will take you east to U.S. 26, which will continue east to the Portland/Vancouver area. 240 miles

GPX File
Rowena Curves
approx: 179 miles

This is an out and back using Washington hwy 14 to reach a section of U.S. 30 seen in who knows how many car commercials. Going east on 14, turn south to cross the Hood River Bridge into Oregon, where you go east on I-84 to exit 69 for U.S. 30 and Mosier. At the end of the off ramp turn right to get onto U.S. 30 eastbound, which will take you to and through the Rowena Curves and then into The Dalles. From there use U.S. 197 to go north and cross the Columbia River again into Washington. Follow 197 to Washington 14, where you go west to return to Vancouver and the Heathman. 179 miles

GPX File
Tillamook and Cannon Beach
approx: 217 miles

This is like doing the lower half of the North Oregon Coast Long Loop, but in reverse. I-5 south through Portland to U.S. 26 westbound until you can go west on Oregon 6 all the way to Tillamook, where you turn north on U.S. 101. A stop at the Tillamook Creamery is a must to sample fresh cheese curds, and then continue north on 101 and think about stopping in Cannon Beach before using U.S. 26 to go east back to the Portland/Vancouver area. 217 miles

GPX File
Wind River Road to Curly Creek Road Loop
approx: 142 miles

Wind River and Curly Creek Roads are well know for their curves as you travel through the forest. This loop begins by going east out of Vancouver on Washington 14 to the Town of Carson, where you turn north on Wind River Highway. Just about 14 miles from WA 14 you want to turn right onto NF-30, which quickly becomes Meadow Creek Rd. and then just as quickly becomes Wind River Rd. 13 miles after the right turn you want to turn left onto Curly Creek Rd. Follow this for 5 miles to NF-90, where you turn left and head west to pick up Washington 503. When you get to Yale, turn south on WA 503 to return to Vancouver and the Heathman. 142 miles

GPX File
Wind River Road to Curly Creek Road out and Back
approx: 160 miles

This begins just like the loop, but when you reach the end of Curly Creek Rd. you turn around and come back the way you went. 160 miles

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